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About Us

About Us

YQD PTY LTD is a Melbourne based Fintech company, providing consulting and investing services in future finance systems, especially in blockchain. We have been in the blockchain industry for many years, and we believe the future of blockchain in finance is coming . We offer a secure and reliable trading platform for professional investors, businesses and anyone interested in buying or selling crypto currency all over the world.


  • Safe & Stable

    Multi cluster system architecture

  • High Performance

    GSLB, Distributed cluster, Distributed storage and Match engine

  • High Liquidity

    Rich resources and a large number of partners provide liquidity for the platform

  • Multi Platform

    WEB, APP, PC

  • MultiLanguage

    English, Chinese ...

  • Multicurrency



  • Security Protection

    Advanced cold wallet to keep your assets safe

  • Team

    Professional development technology team and technical security experts

  • T+0 free trade

    7x24-hour uninterrupted trading provides a stable trading platform